Full-spectrum Naturopathic Consultation

Individualized and thorough evaluation for acute or chronic conditions: Want a second opinion because you’re frustrated with your current care?

Comprehensive laboratory interpretation: Got labs? Let’s read through them together so you understand what’s going on from a functional standpoint.

Salivary hormone and neurotransmitter testing: Always wondered if it’s actually your hormones?

Nutritional testing, Food Sensitivity and Intolerance testing: Yes, it could actually be the food. At least to some extent. We can find out.

Dietary and Lifestyle counseling: Do you keep reading about different diets and wonder which one is right for you? Difficulty forming new habits? Let’s get it dialed.

Nature prescribing: No kidding! I have been keeping up on all the research coming out of international labs regarding human health and nature therapy. The bottom line is: we need nature, and nature needs us to care for it. We are organisms within a larger ecosystem, and our survival depends on our ability to maintain a relationship to the natural world.