Special scholarship for the June 22nd Wild Woman Trail marathon and relay this year! 

Attention students: Nature Intervenes has offered to sponsor a team of two high school or college female runners from Oregon or Washington. Simply write a 300-word statement about why you run trails (or if you haven't run trails yet, why you run). Email your why to: amanda@natureintervenes.com by Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

I support the following organizations' efforts to create a world of equality and sustainability.  A portion of proceeds from Nature Intervenes will directly benefit the work that these stellar people do every day.

PDX ASC PDX Alliance for Self Care, Connecting vulnerable communities in Portland with self-care resources, practitioners and events.

EveryTown  for Gun Safety, Everytown is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

Trail Sisters To grow women’s participation and opportunity within the sport of trail running through inspiration, education and empowerment.