There’s general care, and there’s optimization of function. That’s where I excel: seeing the potential, identifying roadblocks, and fine-tuning your personal performance plan to get you results efficiently. If you’re here, you’re ready to take your game to the next level. 

Using serum, salivary, and DNA samples, we can determine not only where you may have health vulnerabilities, but also how to improve your function to be the beast, I mean the best athlete your body can produce.

I have partnered with the following labs to get the most up to date, specific biomarkers for health and athletic performance:




US Biotek

Inside Tracker

These expert services are available out-of-pocket or applied to and HSA/FSA plan. They are not billable to insurance. If you are tired of wondering why your performance is lagging, or just curious if everything looks good, hit the button below to apply for a spot on my athlete roster. I work with a limited number of dedicated athletes each year. Let’s see if you’re next!