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Gear up for flu season

Well, the flu is back, and it might be H1N1, it might be H2N3.  Either way, it's landed and it's yucky.  A few years back when H1N1 hit, we had very few cases in our clinic using a protocol of Elderberry extract, Probiotics, good hygiene, and dietary modification.

  • Elderberry was proven to bind to and prevent H1N1 infections in vitro, according to a 2009 study published on NCBI/PubMed.
  • Probiotics enhance the gut-associated lymphatic tissue, thereby increase immune function.
  • Good hygiene goes without saying, but seriously: WASH YOUR HANDS and DON'T SKIMP ON SLEEP!
  • Keep your sugar consumption very low, and avoid known food sensitivities.

With these in mind, stay healthy...and come see me if you're not!