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Summer is here!

Well, sort of. We aren't having the "summeriest" weather here in the Pacific NW yet, but soon.  Soon!  School's out and the traveling has begun as well as the nights spent outdoors longer and the minor scrapes, bites, and booboos.

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And lastly, a few last words on travel tips, where you'll find info about miscellaneous obstacles to having a great time, like jet lag and motion sickness.


Natural remedies for Traveling with Kids

Whether you're camping, heading to the beach, or staying close to home this summer, you'll want to know about these natural remedies for kids (and adults too!). Sunburn:

1. Mix 1 drop of lavendar essential oil per tablespoon of aloe vera gel and apply to burned areas.

2. For a full-body burn, combine 2 cups of baking soda with 10 drops of lavendar essential oil in a tepid/cool bath and soak for 20 minutes. Apply a soothing hypoallergenic body lotion to skin afterwards to seal in moisture.

Bug Bites: 1.    Prevent bug bites with a homemade bug spritzer: •    2 drops each: Essential Oils of Wintergreen, Citronella, Cedarwood, Peppermint, and Lemongrass. •    Mix with ½ cup distilled water and ¼ cup almond oil (or other yummy oil) and put in a spritzer bottle. 2.    If stung, remove stinger with credit card or fingernail and apply ice quickly to prevent swelling and spread of toxins.  If wheezing or dramatic swelling occurs, call 911 immediately. 3.    Apply lavendar essential oil topically (undiluted, 1 drop) 4.    If itching occurs, combine ¼ cup of witch hazel extract with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 20 drops of lavendar essential oil and apply as needed with a cotton ball.

Cuts/Bruises: 1.    If the injured area is bruised, apply arnica gel or cream there 2-3 x’s day until the bruised sensation is getting better.  Can also do homeopathic arnica acutely. 2.    If the injured area is bleeding/open, clean the area thoroughly with soap and water.  Apply calendula salve 2x’s/day until a scab forms, then you can apply comfrey salve and arnica gel to continue the healing process.  Never apply arnica or comfrey to an open wound.

More Naturopathic travel tips: Cha-cha-cha.

Diarrhea:  the runs, the Hershey's squirts, the Aztec tw0-step, Montezuma's revenge, the trots---whatever your name for it is, you need to be prepared when you travel.  Diarrhea is the number one ailment affecting travelers!  The best treatment here is prevention because traveler’s diarrhea can be difficult to treat.  A few things to remember, especially if traveling in areas where the water quality is uncertain:•    Avoid seafood in inland areas •    Carry wet wipes to wipe hands before eating •    For vegetables, cook them, boil them, peel them, or don’ t eat them •    Carry a water bottle with a carbon filter or sterilizer in it •    Order meat well-done •    Use filtered/bottled water for everything (even brushing teeth) To prevent traveler’s diarrhea: 1.    Tincture*** of 1 part each: dandelion root, hops, catnip, chamomile, and artemesia taken 30 drops before each meal ***Caution: this tincture should not be ingested by pregnant or lactating women.  Instead, include the following two suggestions: 2.    Betaine HCl: 2 capsules taken before each meal 3.    Lactobacillus acidophilus: 1-2 capsules taken 20 minutes before each meal with a cup of water 4.    The use of antibiotics is controversial.  With rest and conservation of energy, most cases clear up within 5 days.  Consider antibiotic use under the following circumstances: •    Stool analysis confirms bacterial cause •    Blood mixed in with diarrhea or high fever •    Symptoms continue for greater than 48 hours without sign of improvement •    Passing of greater than 6 stools in 24 hours •    If you are completely unable to stop, rest and recuperate during your travels.

If you think you may have a bacterial or parasitic infection (blood in stool, high fever, worsening symptoms, and very frequent bowel movements), proceed to the nearest hospital or urgent care clinic.   Next week's topic: Naturopathic first aid!