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Green Sprouts Festival this weekend!

Come on up to Peninsula Park this weekend and join Dr. Maurer and I as we celebrate Portland's dedication to Green Parenting. We will have a booth in the pavilion, so stop by, say hi, grab some tea, and enter to win a surprise gift! The 4th annual Green Sprouts festival runs Saturday from 10-5pm with lots of activities, info, music and more.  Click here to go the site, and while you're there, download the pdf of the detailed schedule and map!

There will be lots of free fun and giveaways, lots of education and info.  Don't miss!Green.Sprouts.Homepage.Banner

A new name!

As you may have noticed, I have taken a wee hiatus this summer.  This is partially due to the fact that there is much to be enjoyed here in Portland during the summers.  They are fast and furious, as my good friend says.  Berry-picking, music, river swimming, hiking, biking, gardening, pot-lucking, etc... I also took a little time off this summer to receive a boat-load of visitors from all over the world to celebrate my marriage to my husband, hence the name change.

Over the next couple of weeks everything's going from Amanda Anderson, ND to Amanda Roe, ND---same person: me.  Nothing else is changing.  The clinic is still there (but with Solar Panels providing our energy!).  The website is the same, and I'll be providing the same family naturopathic and midwifery care.

A very happy and fun-filled summer to you all!

Scenes from the Clinic

Here at the clinic things are growing!  Our practices are growing, our vegetables are growing, and our happiness about being Naturopathic Doctors in a city as wonderful as Portland is, of course, always growing! We are already able to harvest lots of greens with beets and tomatoes just around the corner.  Always feel free to stop by and enjoy a bit of salad on us!