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Natural Medicine: The healing effects of the exposure to nature

My buddy, Kurt Beil, wrote a really interesting article last summer that I don't think I have shared here on my blog.  Kurt is an ND/Acupuncturist who studied Environmental Public Health as well.  His focus is on how Nature heals us.  I think we all know that getting out into the fresh air and sunshine (when it does shine here in Portland) makes us feel better at a core level.  Kurt's research proves it. I know that when I was in medical school, stressing out over some exam or research paper could easily be remedied by lacing up my running shoes and heading for one of the many green spaces and hiking trails.  They're calling it "Vitamin G", G for green!  It's just so TRUE.  So after you finish reading this article, get outside and bask in nature.  It's for your own good.  :)

Natural Medicine: The healing effects of the exposure to nature.

Staying healthy on a budget.

For some time now, I've been wanting to address how Naturopathic medicine is the way to go in these times of economic hardship.  The type of medicine I practice relies on the healing power of nature and the wisdom of the  body's innate ability to heal itself. We have to get back to the basics of eating simply, living simply, enjoying time outside, and loving what we do.  This, my friends, is how we improve quality of life even when times are tough.  This is naturopathic medicine.

I came across an article today in the NY times:

It gives a number a solid recommendations on how to alter your grocery shopping list to save money, but eat healthy.  It's so important that we don't let this economy prevent us from achieving our health goals.  Otherwise, we end up paying the price later as a result of having made the unhealthy choices.

I challenge each of you to make one change this week in the following areas:

1. save money at the grocery store by choosing a healthy meal

2. save money by finding something fun to do IN NATURE (it's free!) rather than spending money on going out

3. Get back in touch with someone you want to spend time with, or find time to do something you love to do.

I'll post what I did this week to rise to the challenge, and I welcome you to comment here as well.  Let yourself be an inspiration to others!