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I work with several patients who have arthritis, and it seems like there is no one "right" way to treat this condition.  In fact, I'm finding that to be true about many conditions.  It would be nice if everyone who came to my office with joint pain could be given the same 3 treatment ideas and sent on their happy way. It just isn't usually the case.  Each of us has our very own story of how we got to where we are and why our symptoms manifest the way they do.  Since none of us arrive at the same destination for the same reason, why is it then assumed that two people with the same condition need the same intervention?    One patient may have arthritis because  they have played soccer for 30 years and the joint is shot.  Another patient may have arthritis because they have a constant level of inflammation in their body due to food sensitivities.  Through trial, time, and patience, the solutions become clear. The time spent learning the root cause of why someone develops arthritis pays off in achieving healing at a much deeper level.

I marvel at the individuality of each person.  Why are we all the same and all so different?  It makes my job a real challenge and a real joy.