Measles Outbreak 2019

Measles info:

We have been experiencing a high volume of calls regarding the recent measles outbreak in Clark County Washington, which has now infected at least one person in Multnomah County.
During an outbreak, the State Public Health lab, hospitals and health clinics follow procedures to contain the infection, and keep cases of measles to a minimum.

Who is at highest risk for measles? (from State of OR Health Authority)

Because most people in our area have been vaccinated against measles, the risk to the general public is low. Measles poses the highest risk to people who have not been vaccinated, to pregnant women, infants under 12 months and people with weakened immune systems. 

Any of the following constitute presumptive evidence of immunity to measles (which means you would NOT need a vaccine at this point):

  1. Birth before 1957

  2. Documentation of age-appropriate vaccination *with live measles-

    containing vaccine (see below)

    *preschool-aged children: 1 dose;

    *school (K–12)-aged children: 2 doses;

    *adults in post-high school educational institutions, health-care personnel, and international travelers: 2 doses;

    *other adults: 1 dose.

  3. History of laboratory-confirmed measles

  4. Laboratory (serologic) evidence of immunity.

Here is a more detailed report from OHA regarding the current situation, including symptoms, places of potential exposure, and how to proceed if you think you may have been exposed. 

Measles is not the only illness going around right now, so don't forget to keep up on measures to stay healthy, regardless!
Some ideas:

  • Daily Vitamin C and D

  • Daily elderberry

  • Eat Fermented foods

  • Get to bed on time

  • Spend 20-30min outside each day with no devices

  • Eat to decrease inflammation (updated handout here)

Amanda Roe