Let's get the word out!

The most striking things that I noticed about healthcare in New Zealand was that naturopathic medicine is not yet licensed there.  I talked to lots of folks while I was there, and it seems that the people are indeed open to (and ready for!) naturopathic medicine to take its place amongst the current healthcare options.  That, my friends, will be a truly pioneering body of work. Did you know that not all states in the U.S. are even licensed for naturopathic doctors?  There are only 15 states in which qualified ND's can work as primary care providers, with 8 additional states vying for licensure.

This year, there is an amazing event happening to raise awareness of naturopathic medicine and how crucial it is to a balanced, progressive healthcare system.  Dr. Dennis Godby will be running across the entire United States, stopping in small towns and large cities to spread the word.  You should check out his page and endorse him if you believe in the healing power of nature!