Travel Healthy, Travel Happy

imagesSummer is almost here, and with that comes more travel!Healthy traveling starts before the plane leaves the runway.  Having a healthy body and a good flight can mean the difference between a great trip and bad one. Before the flight: •    Garlic *(Allium sativum).  2-3 fresh cloves a day in food for the 3 days prior to travel. •    Echinacea* (Echinacea purpurea): Tincture or capsules 3 days before flight and during first week of travel •    Ginseng* (Eleuthrococcus senticosus): 3 caps/day for 1 week prior to travel, continuing till 1 week after returning •    Ashwaganda* (Withania somnifera): 3 caps/day for 1 week prior to travel, continuing till 1 week after returning

During the flight: •    Essential oils of lavendar or thyme worn at the pulse points to provide protection •    FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS!!!! Don't hesitate to ask the flight attendant to fill up your water bottle for the flight.  Get an aisle seat so you can easily use the restroom. •    Use a saline nasal spray to keep the nasal passages moist and supple.  Apply salve of calendula, lavendar, thyme, or rosemary just below nostrils for added antimicrobial protection. •    Wash your hands frequently, drink lots of water, and get showered and changed as soon as possible after reaching your destination. •    Eat well during the travel, keep sugar consumption to a bare minimum (sugar inactivates the immune system). •    Rescue remedy for anxiety during travel (flight, taxis, etc…)

One book I find useful for general travel health info is Travel Health by Nick Jones.  It's basically an encyclopedia of anything you might come up against health-wise while traveling.  It does not have naturopathic treatments, but it does have symptoms detailed.  Next week I'll explore ways to deal with the most common travel-related illnesses and complications.  Until then, remember to breathe, laugh, and enjoy life!

*ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting these or any other herbal or nutritional supplements.