Modern medicine as art.

I like to read the Health sections of several newspapers in the morning to see what's out there.  I generally try to discuss naturopathic medicine on this blog each week, but today I want to share with you one of the most creative, fascinating uses of modern medicine I've ever seen.  It's not even primarily about health, but about pursuing our passion in life and quenching that innate curiosity we are all born with. I have watched this curiosity bloom in my own daughter each day.  It's natural to want to know about the world around us.  It's when we stop asking questions and become complacent that we start to deteriorate mentally, physically, and emotionally.  So it is about well-being.

I challenge you this week to find what stokes that child-like inquisitiveness in you.  Pursue it a bit, and see if you don't discover something amazing.  Like this guy, Satre Stuelke, an artist turned med student.ctscan_480jpg